For Pharmacy Buying Groups

Chain pharmacies invest heavily in mobile technologies to engage patients, increase revenues and improve efficiencies.
How can Independent Community Pharmacies compete?

assists buying groups in delivering mobile technology to their customers making it easy for patients to submit prescriptions, manage refills and repeats and view their medication history. The technology offers a direct-to-patient communication channel plus is HIPAA & GDPR compliant.

What You Get

Mobile App

for both iPhone and Android smart phones

Pharmacy Portal

Receive scripts, send reminders and engage patients.

Quick Repeats and Refills

Quick, easy and secure patient repeats and refills

Repeat and Refill Reminders

Automatically generated repeat and refill reminders

Branding Options

The app can be branded for the buying group or individual pharmacy

Increase Repeat and Refill Scripts

Help members increase repeat and refill prescriptions and improve patient engagement

Direct to Patient Marketing

Use push messages to market directly to patients

Privacy and PHI

Designed to comply with HIPAA & GDPR legislation

Our Buying Group Customers Include

Haven Pharmacy

Enabling Independent Community Pharmacies to Compete with Pharmacy Chains

Walgreens Scripts
Boots Downloads
CVS Reminders
CVS Refills

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